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May 31, 2013
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D.o.D App: Oh Yoon Oh by Seoul-Mate D.o.D App: Oh Yoon Oh by Seoul-Mate
Sorry for the :icondoctor-of-doctors: art spam but yeah, this is the last one, the app.


Name: Oh Yoon Oh (SeoulMate)

Gender: Male

Age: 22

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 156 lbs

Rank: Member

Country: Korea

Level: 0
Status Points:
Attack: 6 || Defense: 3
Health: 3 || Speed: 3


= Frugal [ He only buys cheap junk food and soft drinks to keep himself fed ]
= Disorganized [ His room is a mess. Has empty soda cans, chip bags and wrappers lying around ]
= Music Junkie [ Never seen without his headphones ]
= NEET [ [link] ]
= Awkward [ Can't talk to people he doesn't know, is known to faint when in contact with a woman ]

= Gentlmanly [ Is very formal when spoken to, chivalrous as well ]
= Ruthless [ When it comes to combat ]
= Leader [ Will plan ahead and on the go if the situation demands it ]
= Socialable [ Talks to anyone and everyone ]
= Intelligent [ Knowledgable on the battlefield ]

Weapon: "Widowmaker": A custom M82 Barrett .50 Caliber Sniper Rifle.

Fighting Style: Extreme distance takedowns. He prefers to take care of things from afar with his sniper rifle, the longest he could make is 2,300 meters (2,515 yards). Up close, his fighting ability suffers, he only has his fists, feet and the butt of his rifle.

Likes/Dislikes [OFFLINE]:
+ Junk Food
+ Internet
+ Music
+ Hacking
+ Gaming
- Organization
- Expensive food
- Speaking to people
- Cleaning
- Public transit
- Paying

Likes/Dislikes [ONLINE]:
+ Expensive items
+ Being a leader
+ Combat
+ Organization
+ Planning
- Cowardice
- Failure
- Close quarter engagements
- Missing a shot
- His offline self

Lee Su-Hyuns Blog: “Interview with a survivor of the horrific train crash 6 years ago”

"I wasn't always like this" the man said. He didn't seem very old, he looked like he was still in high school. He had a very modest appearance, he had thick rimmed glasses that fell down his nose that he constantly pushed up, and unkempt light brown hair falling in front of his eyes. He wore a strange graphic t-shirt with a very baggy cardigan on top with the sleeves falling over his hands. He had a messenger bag with a wire coming out of it that led to his large silver headphones that he wore around his neck. He was beat red, averting his eyes to different locations, trying not to focus on me, he was clearly really uncomfortable. He finally spoke up after a while, "I used to be pretty popular back in school" he said with a shy smile, "I had the best grades, I was very popular among the girls, and was friends with almost everyone. They all said 'Yoon, you're destined to make it big! You're going to be successful when you grow up!'" he said this in a louder voice, clearly ecstatic, he noticed me smile and looked down, blushing deeply, he cleared his throat and began again, "Heh ... If they saw me now, they'd probably laugh at me, they were pretty wrong about me in the end." He pushed up his glasses, "If you read the paper a few years back, you'd see that there was an accident on the 6:00 train from Seoul to Gangnam." he frowned "I was on that train ... I was on my way to my high school, I was texting the girl I used to have a crush on and the next thing I knew, the train was crashing, or exploding, or ... I don't know ... I died that day, in a literal sense, my name was on the casualty list" I was shocked, I didn't believe him, he was there, speaking to me, I was very annoyed that I was told such an outrageous lie so I yelled at him. He shrunk back into his seat and seemed like he was going to cry so I stopped myself and apologized, I asked him to continue, this was the very reason I was speaking to him anyway. He sat up again, slightly frightened of me, like a small child who was scolded by his mother, "No one ever believes me, it's kinda hard to, considering I'm right here speaking to you, flesh and blood." He pulled down his right sleeve and he had was looked like a USB cable coming out of his wrist. "I woke up a week later with this coming out of my wrist. Apparently, one of those crazy doctors found me and revived me." He sighed "I couldn't bear to show myself at school, all of them probably saw the news and saw that I'd died, if I went there, it would shock people and raise questions." I nodded, it was true, seeing your friend die and then he comes to school the following week would probably even attract the medias attention. "But I started noticing changes with me, my ease to speak with people became increasingly difficult, I was nervous around everyone 'What if they know me? What if they find out? Will I be arrested? Will I be taken away to be experimented on?' Those questions rang through my mind as I spoke to people, so I stopped social interaction altogether. And you wouldn't believe how hard it is to find a job with only two years worth of high school education and DECEASED written on your papers, so I have to live off the cheapest food money can buy. I can't really get a job, so yeah, I fell into gaming and the internet. It was slow at first, I wasn't really into it, but as I continued to play, it became a kind of addiction. I didn't want to move away from them, I played for days at a time, it didn't really feel like it though." He laughed, a hollow kind of sound, humorlessly. “Along with that, I guess you could say I’ve developed the habit of being a slob. With gaming, I tend to neglect my basic chores like cleaning, I notice it, but I don’t really do anything about it. I don’t really feel inclined to do so anymore, it’s gone past the point of no return so I decided to just let it go” He sighed, shrugged nonchalantly, and sat back more in the seat, eyes on his folded hands in his lap. I waited for him to speak again, give me some more. I was interested, but he left me there, the conversation ending as quickly as it had started. I stared at him for a moment and placed my hand on his apologetically, he gasped and blushed deeply and passed out. I left his apartment at that note, he wasn't used to a womans touch I guess. It was a lot of trouble getting an interview with him, he is a well known hacker on the online community and used a series of dummy accounts with no links to his real self to be seen, I had to go through several contacts to find him. He may not look very menacing, but according to the many he’s played on online games, he is ruthless and cold to all his opponents. He is a completely different person online than he is in real life. As many people are, but he is not a threat to anyone. If you see him on the street or anywhere you go, please stay away. I do not mean to be rude, but he is very bad with human contact, if you wish to help him, send donations to XXXXXXXXXXXXX
Please don’t put my address online miss Su-Hyun, I don’t need strangers coming to my home.

Additional Info:

Sexuality: Straight

Voice: [link] [ Zico: Singer of First Verse ]

Relationships: N/A

Random Info:
= My name when I was born in Korea was Oh Yoon Oh, meaning "True and Delightful."
= He has my screen name because why the fuck not
= I reaaaaally like the Barrett .50 Cal
= He likes to listen to all kinds of music, not just one genre, but tends to stick with KPop
= His favorite kinds of chips are spicy
= Favorite drink is Dr. Pepper
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NamineLee Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
OMG he has the voice of Zico in Block B!? XD I also love his design so creative~
Seoul-Mate Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
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Hello fellow member of Korea,
hi frank lol
Just wanted to ask WHY DON'T YOU CALL ME ANYMORE HUH? I THOUGHT WE HAD SOMETHING SPECIAL- for your permission to draw your character. I understand if no is your answer butbewaretheconsequencesofyouractions lol hi bye
//rolls away
Seoul-Mate Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
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I'm fine now, thanks~<3
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I hope you're doing perfect and I love you Frank~
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